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Many coin shops and pawn shops in Roanoke VA do not buy paper money and old currency. Lucky’s Coin Brokerage (We are not a pawnshop) BUYS old paper money and old US currency.

Roanoke VA Old Money Paper Currency Buyer

National Bank Notes – This type of money was issued by over 10,000 banks between 1863 and 1929. This type of currency is valued based on the bank of issue and type of note. Condition is important, but it doesn’t drastically affect the value.
Large Size Currency – Old money issued by The U.S. between 1861 and 1923 can be very rare. The worth of this type of money is based on type, condition, and signatures.
Rare Modern (1928-1934) – We buy $500 & $1000 bills, rare star notes from 1928 and 1934, and currency with low serial numbers. Understand that money from this ere can be valuable YES! But most of what we see is only worth 10%-30% over face value.

Civil War and Confederate Currency and Fractional Currency: There are a few good civil war notes that have a high value. Civil War “Money” is not as sought after as other paper money but it is something we do buy and have a strong knowledge of.

If you have paper money or old currency for sale please give us a call anytime at Phone: 540-300-1550

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